NucleoGene - produces molecular and microbiological products and provides analysis services.

About NucleoGene


Nucleogene has been founded in 2019, as a new strategic business unit, production and marketing experience of the last 10 years. Nucleogene develops products using biotechnology methods for medical and industrial use and aims to meet the “healthier life” demands of individuals and to supply products and high safety diagnosis methods for the health and food industries.

Nucleogene is also determined to allocate its resources in the most efficient way to develop the products and technology which will meet the future demands of health and food industries.

Nucleogene is a biotechnology company with increasing interest in public health and dedication to increase its reputation and corporate value by supplying products which will be used by its customers with trust.


Nucleogene designated its core business as clinical diagnostics and research kits, instruments and microorganism origin biotechnology products to be used in human health, animal health, food, plant, environment and water products.

This core business is our strong side which will enable a consistent growth and increasing profitability. We will keep working on widening our product portfolio under this scope and we are ready to share our technology and experience with the market.